Configuration 1 | Original Watercolour Painting


Configuration 1 is a flowing mix of overlapping lines and shapes. Deriving from the thoughts and feelings of the day, the tasks at hand developed into shapes, transformed by colours. The paint does much of the talking, while the defined edges give it structure.

Watercolour paint on Seawhite Cartridge Paper.

8 x 11.7”.

Original, 2021.

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‘Configuration 1’ is part of the Configuration series that explores the use of watercolour and impromptu abstract design. This seven day series only had to use watercolour without a pre-determined plan. This allowed freedom of the paintbrush and colours, creating eight unique pieces.

The Configuration series is part of Project 365. Project 365 is a 2021 project in which I aim to produce an artwork a day and share is on my Instagram and Facebook. These will range from sketches to paintings to sculptures.

8 x 11.7” original watercolour painting.